Document editing and layout

Would you like to translate the content of a catalogue, brochure or other document already designed and laid out?

As part of our service, we always deliver the translations in the format in which the client provided us with the original document, always respecting the arrangement of text, columns, tables, and photos or images, if any. Most documents are easily edited, but in some cases we find more complex documents that may require special editing skills, in these cases an extra fee may apply.

Work system for more complex documents

We proceed as follows: first, we eliminate from the original document any element that could interfere with its editing (pictures, graphics, text boxes, hidden text, etc.), thus obtaining a full text document. The resulting document is processed by our translation software and once translated it is reinserted paragraph by paragraph into the original document, keeping the layout, format and sources of the original document.

What about images with embedded text?

Many times, we find images that contain embedded non-editable text on which we can’t work. In most cases, you can remove such text from the photo and reinsert the translated text later.

Documentation format